The person from History #2 Queen Boudica

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Today the personality from History that I want to introduce you Queen Boudica, she was a lady Queen of Britain Revolution angaist Roman occupiers. She led rebellion for uprisings of British Celtic Iceni tribes angaist the occupying forces of Roman Empire in AD 60.,204,203,200.jpg

Intro of Boudica

She was born in 30 AD arround CE 48, South-East England. She was married with Prasutagus was head of Iceni tribes lived in Norfolk and were given a semi independence from Roman Occupying Forces. The actually story Of Boudica started from the death of her husband prasutagus and especially when all his property and kingdom was anexed and taken by ignoring his will.Roman soldiers, However, they took this as an prime order to confiscate all the property of Prasutagus and other leading Iceni tribe members. Prasutagus had also run up debts during his lifetime and when Boudica was failed in returning of all debts, she was being stripped and beaten in public by roman soldiers.
According to Tacitus(A senitor and historian) romans flogged Boudica and raped her daughter. All other Iceni tribes were treated with same behaviour. Their all assets properties were taken and females humiliated as sexual prisoners. All infront of these circumstances Boudica decided to unite all tribes by arousing their rebellion feelings against Roman brutality. She led a Confucius revolt of Britain tribes.

Cassius Dio stated Boudica as

Cassius dio was roman writer. He tells and write about Boudica

“very tall. Her eyes seemed to stab you. Her voice was harsh and loud. Her thick, reddish-brown hair flung down below her waist. She always wore a great golden torc around her neck and a flowing tartan cloak fastened with a brooch.”

<source of article=>

After having a successful attacks on different areas Boudica started to led a vastly growing army then she decided to meet the army of Suetonius, both armies met and face each other at Watling Street. Britains successfuly outnumbered the roman soldiers. The battle was openly fought, However Romans had superiorly tactics, trained well and disciplined and at the end of the Battle, only 400 Romans were murdered , but round about up to 200,000 Britons had been slaughtered. According to so many rumors and reports it is being known that Boudica, either she was dead by self poison or died from her heavy wounds.

In Victorian period of Britain Kingdom Boudica was raised for a tremendously heavy attention of interest. Victory's husband ordered for Boudica's statue standing outside London House Of Parliament and they named it as Symbol of British Empire

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