Ideal Moment for Using Snipe Cards - Splinterlands Tips, Tricks, and Tactics #14

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Hello, Splinterlands peeps and welcome to the newest post about tricks and tips in this awesome blockchain game hosted on the STEEM!

I have chosen this battle for you guys just an example of how we can learn together from our losses... :) The first, and the most important thing BEFORE getting into the battle (picking up the cards), take a look at the previous games played by your opponent... That is a crucial thing to do and I would say, that it can help you toward winning for 20-30% if you get into it well prepared...

I have studied my opponent, but I didn't react as I should in this game and I have paid the price by losing the battle...

Check out the video for details...

You can watch the replay of this battle at here

Let's learn together and earn more crypto playing this great game!

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Another great Splinterlands video!! I love it! " My ass was kicked and my tactic was totally wrong, let's see why" Oh my, I loved this, LOL! This happens to me often! Sometimes it is just luck too! I think you are awesome for teaching players these tactics, nice job as always! An upvote is on the way! Have a great season-ending!

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