Splinterlands Season Rental Earnings 20191203

in hive-100421 •  6 months ago  (edited)

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Here are the numbers for the most recent Splinterlands season.

I think this will be the last video for today.

All told, I brought in 684 STEEM, 23 SBD, and 351618 DEC.

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Great video. Upward slopes are sexy :)

Imagine what will happen when DEC runs higher!

I don't see how DEC can 10x with new change. In the old system you could make that case easy.

I don't know about 10x, at least in the short term. But there are upward pressures.

DEC generation is daily. Right now I think we are something like 940k plus whatever is generated through burning.

Most importantly, the 940k is spread amongst all active players during the day. So the more players, the less each player gets (proportional to their ranking).

So over time as the game grows, each battle will produce less and less DEC. That will be somewhat offset by card burning, but not completely.

Also over time, more and more players means more and more demand for potions, guilds, orbs, and whatever comes after orbs.

Lower marginal supply, higher marginal demand = higher prices.

Except you can buy potions with fiat now so when you get a bump people like us will buy potions and burn cards and dump DEC on the market. I don't see how a large price increase is possible with the new change. I do see DEC price as fairly stable though which isn't to bad in a bear market.

There will be some of that, sure. But I don't think it will be enough to overcome the demand coming from using the "free money" obtained through play.

Awesome Splinterlands video! I added you to the Splinterlands community on 3speak! Have a great week in Splinterlands! ~ @clove71

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