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It is unconscionable that the WHO advises countries to keep borders open with countries that are experiencing uncontrolled spread. It's mass murder. The WHO then has the gall to predict the disease will spread everywhere. No shit!

Thanks for the shout out Ed


I think it is outrageous alright. Now time we would have had, to fight the virus, grows less and less. When it reaches epidemic levels in first world counties, no one is going to be able to send any resources to other counties at all. That is another insanity waiting to happen once it starts sweeping there. I read today, that it is likely that Covid19 will come around each flu season - not sure how everyone is supposed to deal with that.

"... not sure how everyone is supposed to deal with that."

We're supposed to die or depend for our lives on our overlords completely.

Today I spoke with a pharmacist, and one of the drugs I am prescribed is not available. Great disruption across the world is beginning to hit critical health support infrastructure, just as this pandemic is exploding in the West.

If the West is dying in droves because of insufficient pharmaceutical supplies, the West sure isn't going to be sending pharmaceutical supplies to Nigeria, or anywhere else.

Were I a financial advisor or investor, I'd recommend either starting or investing in a body bag manufacturer.

Sorry to hear that man. Did the doctor recommend another drug that might help? This is the problem with centralised manufacturing, now everything is made in one place - its an all eggs in one basket scenario. Many many people depend on those drugs, and its really sad to see what is happening. I hope you get a drug replacement man :/

Fortunately, this one I can replace with several others, as well as off the shelf remedies, but this is just the beginning. 98% of prescription drugs in the US were manufactured in China. 90% of China's exports are stopped.

Its lucky you could replace it. Yeah, but that is extremely worrying :/