18 Mints Earth Quest-splinterlands quest reward


today my splinterlands quest challenge was with earth splinters so it was one of the easiest quest because my earth team is good team and i feel easy to win quest with earth splinters. i completed this quest just in 18 mints , so i played total 5 battles and i won all 5 battle below you can see my battle history and you can see how i performance in this quest


there is one battle that was 19 round battles so this was one of the best interesting battle that i enjoyed , so my all battle opponent were strong but my line up and plan was best than their plan, so i won all five out five battle in this quest, so i am improving day by day, i feel that if we play and try to learn this splinterlands we can imporve our daily victory in this game so join splinterlands


above is screenshot of my treasury box that i got after completing the today quest, there are total 4 box that now i will unlock them to check my today reward that i got from splinterlands quest hope that will be good one


today i got good reward there two monster that i got, these monster will increase my splinterlands power that power help me to achieve more level in splinterlands in every season so i got also 9 Dark energy crystal DEC and 1 legendary potion chargesi so i am satisfy with my today quest

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