5 out of 5 victory-Water quest splinterlands gaming blockchain


today my quest was very much amazing, i total played 5 battle to win my today quest splinterlands, and i got victory in all battles and i enjoyed every battle victory very much, my opponent teams were very much strong, if you all visit my all played battles you will take notice that my all opponent was strong and they had nice monster in list , their monster placement was also good, but really i am very much happy that i defeated strongest opponent today quest so this show that i am learning getting more great skills in this blockchain gaming

so now i show again here my today reward of quest that i got here in today quest


today i got two monster , before getting this quest reward my splinterlands power was 73,405 , and after opening the reward now my splinterlands power is 73,430 , here i want to inform all my new user player of splinterlands who has low power, they should play daily quest to complete the quest and this quest give them opportunity to get inrease in power every day

thank you very much for visiting my this post