Death Quest splinterlands- Rewards game


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i am back to my splinterlands gaming blockchain after busy days, i was little bit busy in my work and i could not join splinterlands gaming blockchain , so today i completed my last days death quest, so i am very much to share with you , reward of my this quest so i am low this time in rank , becuase i did not play splinterlands last two week, so my rank got down so my first effort to increase my rank in this present season of the battles so hope i will be able to gain back my power of rank before the end of the season


i got only box of reward ,reason is that i did not play much battles, and my rank is low, so when my rank will improve ,then i will be to gain more reward box on completion of every quest so this is the beauty of the splinterlands battles games


i got 1 ALCHEMY POTION CHARGER[S] so it is also good, i am happy with this reward and in future after increasing my rank then i will gain more rewards

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