My first battle of day- victory--splinterlands


Dear friends,
i am lover of splinterlands blockchain battles gaming, so last day in my country, was big electric fault in all the pakistan, so i could not make good victory last day, i was not able to complete my quest of splinterlands also, so today early morning i played this battle to complete my quest so it was my first battle that i played and got victory in this battle,

so in this battle was two rule, one was earth quake and 2nd was health equal rule, so in this battle one good idea is that we can use flying monsters that has ability of flying to safe self from earth quake attack

but unfortunatly i forgot about earth quake at the time of placing my monsters but i got victory very well, i shared some screenshot of the battle you can see my lineup in this battle that was my first victory today


dear friends, if you are new user of splinterlands blockchain gaming then always try to understand every rule of this game, if you will use your monster according to given rule, in this way your chances of victory will be much strong,


above is last screenshot of this battle in this screenshot you can see it is round 8 but there was total round 10 , so my last monster is my main monster that is alive, and other side my opponent monster has no ability of fight at first place, and in this way , i got victory easy

so now my target is to make my power of splinternads over 100000 to achieve more level in every season this time my level of max tire in every season is sliver 1

if you want to see this battle live on splinterlands blockchain then visit this link to watch this battle live on splinterlands first battle of the day

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