Season rewards-Bronze II,7 Loot Chest


i am very much busy in my school , and my students need my help, so i am trying to give them extra work, because of covid-19, they lost a lot of education, so i am not able to give much time to my splinterlands,
but today i login to my splinterlands to take participate in weekly contest, so i checked that i got end of season reward so i did not play very much so my reward is low but hope running season i will do my best effort


you can i got good reward, it is good reward, i got two monster, i will use them to increase my level of each monster, so i also got some dec coin that will help me to buy new cards

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thank you very much


Could have been more DEC, one of my Treasures was 1.1k DEC. Cheers !BEER

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thank dear for this

your welcome

Hey @yousaf-sports, here is a little bit of BEER from @manniman for you. Enjoy it!

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