Silver II ,15 Loot Chest -Splinterlands Season Reward.


above is my this season reward that is great


now splinterlands season is ended and i got my season end reward, i was very much busy in my daily life work, so i could not play splinterlands blockchain game, from last 10 days, so i am not very much satisfy with my this season reward, but i am happy , today i have time to play and when i login to my splinterlands blockchain, i got this season reward, so hope in next season i will get good rank, i think staying active in splinterlands is very much important to gain good position and rank so i will try my best to play it


now i have 15 box and every box has my reward, so now i am going to unlock my all these box , hope i will get my good reward, so before opening these box, i am writing these line, every splinterlands player want to get good reward, but it is luck, and depend on rank of the user, so hope i have silver II, and so lets unlock my box


after unlocking the reward, i saw i got nightmare level 3, and night mare monster level 1, it is great reward, so it was my luck, this season gave me one great monster, i had not this monster, so in this season reward i got two big monster in reward that will increase my sp rank power thank


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