splinterlands blockchain place of victory..my quest with earth splinters


Dear splinterlands game lovers!

after completing quest with fire, i got early next quest, reason was this, that i could not play my splinterlands quest game, last four days, so i got next quest early , but now i completed my this quest , this quest was with my favourite summoner,its name is earth , so i feel very easy to complete this quest with this rule

so i got this reward today in this quest,


here i want to share this information, that i know, that if you have high rank in the season, then you will get good box, mean, when your season rank will increase then on completion of every quest you will get more box, that will be reward after completing the quest
so now i have rank silver II and and my highiest tier is silver I, so so more next level i need more splinterlands power so after opening this reward, i will also get some power also, that will be good


i got 1 legendary potion chargers, 135 dark energy crystal DEC, and 1 Alchemy potion chargers, so i think it is good reward, and 135 dec , i will use to buy new card so in this way, every quest reward will help you to gain more more power

dear friends, if you do not know about blockchain gaming, then i feel that splinterlands is best blockchain gaming blockchain, you have to invest just $10 first time, then you can make your account more power ful afte playing , taking participate in different battles

so splinterlands is place of battle that give opportunity to win, and earn