$2 invesment in splinterlands in Untamed pack- $0.90 lost

Dear friends!
splinterlands is gaming blockchain, and if you invest your time and energy in this game, then in return you can get great benefits from this gaming blockchain, so today i unlocked one Untamed pack , one untamed pack value is $2 , $2 is equal = 2000 DEC also

if you have 2000 DEC dark energy crystal then you can buy from your DEC coin this packs from shop of splinterlands markets. so in one pack you will get five card, that will be in one pack so there is no one know what is in your packs so now i openned my one untamed pack and now you can see below what is my reward so i will calculate that how much worth of my cards are that was in my pack , so worth of pack was $2 =2000 DEC





i got one CORAL WRAITH EPIC Water Monster Its value is in dollar $0.70 this amount is equal to 760.043 DEC, so in this way it is best cards that i got



2nd best card was KHMER PRINCESS, it is rare earth monster so its value is in splinterlands market is $0.26 and this amount is equal to 282.302 DEC
so in this way total value of these two card is
$0.70+$0.26= $0.96 = 1042.332 DEC


COMMON Earth Monste

3rd card was orc sergeant its value is $0.023 =25.019 DEC, now total reward is $0.983 =1057.351 DEC



COMMON Fire Monster

4th card is Goblin fireballer , so its value is $0.11 =118.568 DEC
now total reward is after 4th card is $1.093 =118.568+ 1057.351 DEc

so now is this time one dollar lost so lets see value of last card

COMMON Fire Monster

value of this card is 0.028 dollar so in this way total lost of this is $ 0.90


so dear friends it was little story of my today Unatmed pack , that price was $2 but i lost after opening the pack $.90 dollar so dear friends it is luck so i will try again hope next time my luck will be good and i will get best monster in pack so if you want to try your luck then visit splinterlands market invest $2 and unbox your pack and lets try what will be your reward


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