LOL: Expected nerfs to Orn and Sett in patch 10.5

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  • Patch 10.5 is going to be bringing in nerfs for both Sett and Orn
  • The balance team will we bringing buffs to nine champions and nerfs to six.

The League of Legends patch 10.4 has been out for over a couple of days now, and Riot has made it a big one, introducing a lot of balance changes to both champions as well as items.

Now with 10.5 set to release in two weeks' time, Riot is making a few more tweaks to some of the more dominant meta picks in the PBE at the moment.

And by dominant here, we mean Sett and Orn. Ever since season 10 got underway, the professional scene of LOL was kind of ‘League of Orn’ to be more precise. He was flexed into the mid, top, and the support role, and his vast amount of damage and CC made it almost impossible to go for a favorable trade against him.

His ultimate worked as both an engage as well as a disengage tool, so, when used right, Orn could destroy any kind of match-up that he was up against.

On February 24, Riot’s lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted that the balance team will we bringing buffs to nine champions and nerfs to six.

Orn currently sits at a 52.4 percent win rate in the top lane, which is the fourth highest amongst the other top lane picks at the moment, according to His pick and ban rate sky-rocketed in this patch as well, and Riot believes that he needs some nerfs this time around.

Sett, on the other hand, has been strong ever since his release. He has one of the highest pick and ban rates in pro play at the moment, and he currently sits at a win rate of over 50 percent.

Amumu’s recent buffs also look like it has been reverted in the PBE, and he will be having the cooldowns extended on Q ‘Bandage Toss.”


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