LOL: Incoming Twisted Fate Buffs in 10.5 may make him a meta pick again

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  • With the buffs coming in patch 10.5, Twisted Fate might just become a popular pick again.

Twisted Fate used to be a meta mid lane pick, but that was a very long time ago.

And in the subsequent patches and seasons of League of Legends, he quickly fell out vogue as better mid lane champions started getting released. TF currently, is a former shadow of himself and doesn’t enjoy the same impact on the game as he used to in his hay days.

However, all of that may change as Riot is about to give him a significant buff in the coming patch 10.5. The changes which have been tweeted by Riot’s lead gameplay developer mark “Scruffy” Yetter is aimed at improving TF’s overall pick rate as well as win rate.

According to, TF has a very average and sometimes slightly underwhelming pick rate in the solo queue at the moment. He is almost nonexistent in pro play and has a very high skill ceiling from which players usually shy away from.


But that being said, on-hit, Rageblade TF was quite popular in pro play last season. But his AP counterpart, on the other hand, is never really opted into as it heavily relies on the type of card that he draws. If you draw a Blue when you need a Gold, then you’re going to be in a world of hurt.

Riot is scaling TF’s AP rations on the Blue and Red card draws significantly. This will help to lower his skill ceiling for newer players trying to pick him up and make him a more meta pick in the solo queue at the very least.

The ratio on the Blue card is being increased to 0.9 AP from 0.5 AP, and the Red card ratio will go from 0.5 AP to 0.7 AP. We hope to see him in pro play very soon after these changes hit the live servers in a week.


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