LOL: Poppy and Brand to become viable in the Jungle in future patches

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  • More champions are going to come to the jungle pool, to get players to take up the roie more often.

Riot has been trying to widen the jungle champion pool in League of Legends, for some time now. Zed, Talon, Darius, Diana, Garen, Gnar, and Mordekaiser can clear the neutral camps quite comfortably after patch 10.4 added new champions to the Junglethey had added new champions to the Jungle

So, in the upcoming patches, Riot is looking to improve the jungle champion pool even more and will be adding Brand and Poppy in the near future. Darius and Mordekaiser will be receiving buffs in their camp clearing potential as well, and they will become a much better choice in the Jungle after 10.5.

Riot’s lead gameplay developer, Mark “Scruffy” Yetter, tweeted about the upcoming changes in patch 10.5 yesterday. However, the Brand changes will be coming in patch 10.6 and not patch 10.5.

And though apart from the fact that Brand and Poppy will be added to the Jungle, not much else was confirmed by Riot, and what these changes will be to the two champions is still anybody’s guess.

After the experience gained from neutral camps got nerfed, Jungle became one of the least favored roles in the entire game. And so, to get more players to take up jungling, Riot is adding new champions to the pool, but the champions who have been added so far, are average at best.

All of them have a very lackluster performance in the jungling role, and neither one of them stand out from the rest of the crowd and can be called a meta jungle pick at this very moment.

Mordekaiser, for now, has the highest win rate in the Jungle out of all of them and sits at 49%, while Zed is the lowest and boasts an incredibly underwhelming win-rate of only 35 per cent.


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