LOL: Ranged champions will be dealing less damage to tower plates in 10.5

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  • Top laners will be given some of their power and early game impact back in patch 10.5.

In Season 10 of League of Legends, the top lane isn’t exactly having the same impact in-game as it used to in the previous seasons. So a few days ago, Riot’s lead gameplay developer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter tweeted that they will be exploring newer ways to give the top laners some of their power back.

To begin with, in 10.5, Riot have decreed that the damage that ranged champions do to tower plates will be slightly nerfed (by 20%).

Moreover, the towers will be getting a nice boost to their Bulwark Passive as well, and they will be getting an additional 45 armor and magic resist per stack instead of the previous 35.

This will act as a huge damper for ADCs like Caitlyn and Tristana, who like to push the lane and look for tower plates in the early to mid-game mark. It will help limit a lot of their scaling potential early on; bruiser heavy top laners will have a much better time of dealing with them in team fights, and zoning them away around objectives.

The tower buffs will also act as a nice tone down for top-lane ranged bullies like Urgot, Quinn, Teemo and Lucian, as they will have a tougher time pushing the lane in and securing objectives.

However, taking the plates down will be more rewarding than what it was before, and it will now grant 160 gold instead of 120. Hence, controlling the Rift Herald objective is going to be much more important now, as it will help the carries secure their item spikes much quicker.

The tower changes, along with the Buffs to Tiamat upgrades and Blade of the Ruined King, are going to make it much more favorable for melee champions who abuse these items in lane. Top lane bruisers are going to have a much greater impact in lane than before.


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