LOL: Sona nerfs to be reverted in patch 10.5

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  • The latest nerfs to her kit made Sona rather irrelevant as a support pick. And that's why Riot will be reverting the changes back to normal.

It seems that Riot may have gone a bit too far with the Sona nerfs in patch 10.4.

Like Soraka, Sona too was getting a bit too difficult to handle in the top lane, and Riot chose to gut her top lane dominance in the patch. However, it would seem that by gutting her powers in the top lane, Riot may have made her completely useless as a champion.

As a support pick, Sona is currently sitting at a 47.73 percent win rate in platinum and above, which is currently the fourth-lowest for a support champion according to

In patch 10.2, Sona had received some buffs on her E “Songs of Celerity,” which had increased her bonus movement speed by a huge amount. Though that was intended to improve her laning phase in the support role, the pro players soon started to abuse her in the top lane.

She had become an oppressive pick against the top lane meta champions like Orn and Sett ever since, and was able to acquire a whopping 57.34% win rate for herself. The changes in patch 10.4 were meant to put a stop to that, but they ended up going too much in the opposite direction.

Now, Riot’s Lead game-play developer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter said that they will need to tune Sona even more in patch 10.5, and will be reverting her E completely. That will increase the bonus movement speed from 10/11/12/13/14 percent back to 20 percent at all ranks.

Moreover, to stop her from dominating the top lane meta the way she was after patch 10.2, Riot is adding a restriction to Spellthief’s Edge where it “must be near an ally” to activate.

This should help scale down on Sona being an oppressive pick in the top lane, and make her a much better support pick overall.


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