Riot Games' Valorant is going to be the next CS: GO with a twist

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  • Riot Games Valorant is going to fight toe-to-toe with CS: GO and Overwatch.

At the end of the year 2019, we learned that Riot Games, creators of League of Legends, are working on a new IP Project A. It is a tactical shooter game which looks and plays quite similar to CS: GO and Overwatch. The game finally received an official name, "Valorant" a few days ago.

Riot Games Valorant is going to release in summer 2020. It is a free-to-play game which will use micro-transactions as a mode of earning. Now one the biggest question many players have is:Is Vaorant CS: GO with sci-fi powers?. The answer is yes, it is CS: GO down to the bone.

The gunplay, hip-fire, game modes, game models, menu, features and other things are quite similar to CS: GO. Although the biggest catch here is that the game includes characters with different abilities. Valorant may have elements similar to CS: GO but it's unique in its way.

Characters with abilities will affect the entire meta of the game. Valorant can be said to be a "little more tactical shooter than CS: GO". Now another question that comes to mind are:

Is it going to be a success when there is already plenty of tactical shooters out there?

Well yeah, it is going to be a success, ask why? The first reason is that it is a free to play title. With the current trend in the gaming market, we know that free to play games are dominating. The second reason is that a lot of CS: GO and Overwatch players will be curious to try the game. The third and last reason is that Riot Games is quite well known for their work, which, in the end ,is going to fetch a lot of players.


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