Teamfight Tactics: Discussing the Star Guardians, Mech Pilot, and Cybernetics for the upcoming Galaxies Set

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  • Riot games has revealed 3 new traits for their upcoming Set 3 for TFT, and each of them are very unique.

The theme this time will involve outer space, where each match will now aim at putting players in the middle of the League of Legends universe, where they will be fighting ‘intergalactic wars.’

Now, yesterday Riot has revealed a bit more information about the upcoming set in another Dev post, where they talk about 3 of the unique traits that they have lined up for us in Galaxies.

Star Guardians, Cybernetics, and Mech-Pilot are the three traits that they have revealed as of yet. Each of these class designs, as well as trait bonuses, were inspired from the various skin lines from LOL itself, and Riot has also talked about certain potential compositions that these traits can go for, with some of the new origins.

So, let’s take a closer look at the traits that Riot has revealed for us.

Star Guardians



  • Poppy – Tier one (Star Guardian/Vanguard): Tanky Frontliner
  • Zoe – Tier one (Star Guardian/Sorcerer): Ranged CC
  • Ahri – Tier two (Star Guardian/Sorcerer): Ranged Spell Damage
  • Neeko – Tier three (Star Guardian/Protector): AOE CC
  • Syndra – Tier three (Star Guardian/Sorcerer): Ranged Spell Damage
  • Soraka – Tier four (Star Guardian/Mystic): Team Healing

Trait Effect

Whenever a Star Guardian casts their spell, distribute mana among all the other Star Guardians.

  • Three-unit bonus: 20 mana
  • Six-unit bonus: 30 mana

Combinations to look out for

Star Guardians are the easier trait in set 3, and as their trait revolves around restoring mana, they will go very well with sorcerer compositions that look to dominate the board with spells.

Riot gives an example of pairing the Star Guardians with a piece like Annie, who here comes with the origin and class of Mech-Pilot and Sorcerer. As 3 of the Star Guardians themselves are sorcerers, getting the 4-unit bonus will not be a problem at all, and your board will boast increased spell power that can burst down a majority of the compositions.

Additionally, Annie’s and Poppy’s tankiness will keep the backline alive, and help them to dish out damage consistently.




  • Leona – Tier one (Cybernetic/Vanguard): Tanky frontliner
  • Fiora – Tier one (Cybernetic/Blademaster): Fragile Melee DPS
  • Irelia – Tier four (Cybernetic/Mana-Reaver/Blademaster): Melee DPS


Cybernetic champions with an item equipped gain increased health and attack damage.

  • Three-unit bonus: 300 health and 30 attack damage
  • Six-unit bonus: 800 health and 80 attack damage

Combinations to look for.

Cybernetic is all managing your items and spreading them out wisely to gain the maximum benefit out of that trait.

It’s a unique class that Riot has introduced, which one will be quite hard-pressed to find in any other auto battler out there.

Irelia is the pick of the lot out of all the Cybernetic, and if you’re particularly going for that trait in your games, then you will need to itemize her in the right way so that she becomes an unkillable beast in the later rounds.

Perfecting the use of this class is all about using the items correctly. Spreading them unevenly or putting all your eggs in one basket is not going to help you win in any way.

Irelia's Blademaster buff will give her additional chances to attack an opponent twice. You will need to look to include more blade master units like Xayah (Celestial/Blademaster), Shen (Chrono/Blademaster), Yasuo (Rebel/Blademaster), and Kayle (Valkyrie/Blademaster), around her to make the most out of that trait.




  • Annie – Tier two (Mech Pilot/Sorcerer): Frontline Spell Damage
  • Rumble – Tier three (Mech Pilot/Demolitionist): Frontline Spell Damage
  • Fizz – Tier four (Mech Pilot/Infiltrator): Backline CC and Damage


At the start of combat, three Mech-Pilot champs are merged into a Super Mech until it dies.

Combinations to look for:

By the looks and sound of it, the Mech-Pilot class feels like the coolest trait yet. If you have Annie, Rumble, Fizz on the board at the same time, then by the start of each round, all three of them will combine together to make a big bot.

Now the Super Mech is a big stun bot that shoots out large AOE spells at the opponents that can stun them for 2.5 seconds when it lands. This trait is just amazing at crowd control and will go exceptionally well with Sorcerers.

Moreover, the power of the Super Mech will scale based off-of the star levels that each of the units represent. However, the Super Mech can only equip three items, and you will need to be wise about your item distribution if you do want to give this trait a try.


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