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Brave Knight, you are hereby called to appear for a scouting mission to the jungles of ΛZMΛRÉ.

Your name has been chosen at random for this assignment, and appeals are unavailable at this time.


Your bravery will always be remembered and a string of promotions shall await you, should you return home. The great goddess Khymia has informed her high priests that the Jungles of ΛZMΛRÉ contain many secrets of the planet, as well as important lost medicines. These lost medicines must be acquired and synthesized by the Silver Shield alchemists before the reunification of the Splinterlands if Khymia’s dream is to come true.
Although ΛZMΛRÉ is commonly known as the Water Splinter, its great jungle contains a huge variety of life that cannot be found anywhere else in the Splinterlands. The jungles are no place for Khymerians, but if you work together, you may discover some of the answers Khymia seeks. It is absolutely imperative that at least one survivor returns to Khymeria to share the gathered information with the Order of the Silver Shield.While we cannot expect the survivor to be unscathed, we demand that he still has the ability to speak, for obvious reasons

Here are a few terms and phenomena to familiarize yourself with before the journey. You have twenty-four hours.


Shard Storms - Of all the dangers in ΛZMΛRÉ, being caught outdoors in a shard storm is the most deadly. The sabre-shaped shards of ice that fall from the sky chop, impale and destroy all they contact. Any ordinary deluge can elevate into a shard storm without warning, so they are nearly impossible to predict.

Killy Pad - With the appearance of a large and harmless lily pad, these monstrosities are as cunning as they are deadly. Thin vines extend from the underside of the killy pad to trip up the legs of their prey. Once the prey has fallen, the killy pad must simply close up around it; the ring of razor-sharp teeth around the plants' outer edges takes care of the meat quickly.
Burning Bush - This leafy bush grows plentifully on game paths and draws predators to their doom. It makes a rustle in its inner branches, creating the illusion of a small animal within. Unsuspecting predators are drawn to the sound, but once they make contact with the Burning Bush, it secretes its corrosive venom. Jungle cats are stripped to the bone in mere seconds. Khymerian arms can be pulled from the bush, but the fingers are always gone.

Slingbough Oak - This gargantuan tree has developed some interesting (and deadly) survival skills through the centuries of its life. In its canopy, there are a great many retrieval pods waiting for prey to appear on the ground. The pods are attached to slingvines, which stretch to the forest floor like bungee cords. The Oak is an expert hunter. Through its great roots it is able to pick up subtle vibrations on the ground; when it releases a Retrieval Pod, it rarely misses. Dragging its prey back up into the jungle canopy is easy.

Rankor Flea - The Rankor Flea, though one of the smallest creatures in the Splinter, is dreaded by all Azmareans. These tiny devils feed on whatever is available, whether it is wood, sand or flesh. Once a single flea finds its way into an Azmarean home, it calls the appropriate number of reinforcements through a telepathic field. The Rankor Fleas have been known to eat entire homes once they’ve finished with the flesh of their hosts. Do not bring these fleas back to Khymeria.

Mantoid - The fist-sized Mantoid is often underestimated by predators in the wild. These insects prowl the jungle floor, eating smaller insects all day. If a larger beast eats a Mantoid, however, they are in for a world of hurt. The blood of the Mantoid is a powerful corrosive acid, and the Mantoids have the ability to shoot the acid as a projectile up to twenty yards.

Cudgel Badger - The Cudgel Badger appears something like a fluffy teddy bear, waddling along a game path in the jungle. When attacked, this cute fellow turns into a hideous monster, lashing back at the predator with a flurry of fangs, claws and its rock-hard club tail.
Skamelion - Luckily these camouflaged flying lizards do not leave the bounds of the jungle. If they ever decided to expand their territory, it would be an Azmarean feeding frenzy.


Gorilla - Truly the king of the jungle, nothing happens in the brush without the Gorillas knowing about it. They are intelligent enough to know the hazards of the jungle and powerful enough to stand up to any force it can throw at them. They have no interest in leaving the jungle, but recently with all the scouting missions, they have developed a taste for Khymerians.

Sasquatch - If for some reason a Sasquatch comes for your party, then Khymia takes your soul. These intelligent and mighty monsters wear the femur bones of Humans and Khymerians as necklaces.


With your help, brave knight, the Order of the Silver Shield will be able to add countless more curiosities to this list. If it is your life that must be lost, then that is a sacrifice the Order is willing to make. Go with the grace of Khymia, and remember, with the Silver Shield behind you, you shall feel no fear! Failure to appear will result in daily floggings and imprisonment.


Written by Chris Roberts, Lore Master
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