Splinterlands - I love getting Untamed packs from the daily quests!

in Hive Gaming3 months ago

Yesterday it happened again. Another Untamed packs was given to me for free by just playing the game and completing the daily quest. Onyx Sentinel, an epic card, was just a nice bonus.


Daily quests are a great way to earn packs, cards and DEC. Even if it would mean losing a lot of battles to just win five of them to complete the quest, in the end it's really worth it.

It takes time, but I think this way I stopped getting destroyed in the Gold league and actually started to beat players in the Diamond league. Not much is keeping me out of Champion league also, I only need to level-up my summoners. I still need a lot of DEC for that, but I am getting there.

Anyway, it wouldn't be fun to just hoard the packs and never open any. To really maximalize the possible outcome I bought enough alchemy and legendary potions and opened that one Untamed pack I got.

Did I open anything nice?


Well, just one rare.
Hopefully I will have better luck next time.

See you in Splinterlands!


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