Splinterlands - I received another Untamed pack for free!

in Splinterlands2 months ago

I didn't expect making another Splinterlands post this quick! Did the game sense that I wasn't happy enough with my daily quest rewards? Today the loot chests not only gave me an untamed pack, but also a gold foil barking spider and two rares!

I already had one gold foil barking spider from the past so I could combine these two cards together, but I don't think it's useful.

I really like playing Lyanna Natura with monsters that have magic or melee attacks because I think range attacks are not that good because a lot of cards have the shield stat, but maybe I am wrong.


Today I tried to climb the ladder too and it was actually really easy. I played just a couple of matches and I was already in the Champion league III!

Maybe it was this simple because I was able to play Lyanna Natura in all the battles. There was just nothing stopping me. Lyanna Natura is my strongest summoner and as the season is coming to an end, the competition in the diamond league is getting weaker every day.


80 loot chests - that's going to be very exciting to open.
See you very soon!


Good for you, nice to have an untamed and good luck to have a legendary or gold foil when you open the pack.