Splinterlands - My both attempts with the Quest potion are a success!

in Hive Gaming3 months ago (edited)

That means only one thing - I am going to buy another one for the tomorrow's daily quest. Third time's the charm? Hopefully. I didn't expect the game being so kind to me.

Maybe I should put to the test the Mystery potion too. They are expensive, but the drops could be worth it.

What did I get?

I would say that the last row of 5 loot chests were from the Quest potion, which would mean it gave me one Untamed pack and one epic monster card. That's even better than yesterday.


Anyway, let's open the pack. I bought enough Alchemy and Legendary potions to have the biggest chance to obtain something good.

It didn't work out.
Oh well, see you in Splinterlands!



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