Splinterlands - Picture of a new pack art was leaked and my experiment is over!

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It's not going to be orb, but something resembling a cube. Thanks to yesterday's Splinterlands AMA a lot of new information was released. We for example know what will the Wandering Dealer be selling in the shop.

It will still take some time for this to be released because what I really like about Splinterlands is that every card is different in one way or another. It's hard to make new cards, when there is already so many cards in the game, that's for sure!

Anyway, my experiment with Quest potions and Mystery potion is now over. I was kind of expecting it as it would be weird being lucky for the forth time in a row. I still wanted to try it out though.

So let's start with the Mystery potion. It gave me 10 Legendary potion charges, which is like 400 DEC, but because you can get them just by playing the game, I don't really see them as valuable. In the end the potion lost me like 600-700 DEC.


Quest potion? It gave me some cards, but it didn't really pay for itself and thus the Quest potion lost me over 600 DEC today. Not nice.


So in conclusion, are these potions worth the buy?
In my honest opinion they are not.

You can get lucky, sure, but I would say it's just better to save your DEC and use it to buy cards you really need. Even buying the packs would make more sense as they will make you eligible for the future Untamed airdrops.

Climbing-up the ladder is still the best method to progress the fastest way in the game because the Season rewards can really give you a lot of loot and there is for example a big difference between 22 loot chests that you can get in Gold III, 60 loot chests in Diamond I or 120 loot chests in Champion II league.

It's not only that. Players in the higher leagues do also get more loot chests when they complete the daily quests.

Good luck!
See you soon.