Splinterlands - Third time's the charm?!

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I didn't even want to make a Splinterlands post today, but Quest potions just keep on giving so I want to share the progress of this experiment if Quest potions are actually worth it.

I would say yes, they are.
You only have to be lucky!

Daily quest rewards were pretty nice today as well because I got a lot of cards, but Quest potion gave me another Untamed pack. That's nicer.


I am going to open this pack because it's possible to find some amazing cards in the Untamed edition packs. I bought enough Alchemy and Legendary potions too.


I am not very lucky with those Untamed packs. Maybe I should have sell this Untamed pack and buy DEC to obtain another Quest potion for "free", but that's not fun.

Tomorrow it's going to be a little bit different because I am not only buying a Quest potion again, but I will also try the Mystery potion too. It's very expensive, but hopefully the luck will not fade away till then.

See you soon!



I opened two of those yesterday I think. Didn't get much.

You can get those packs in the daily quest?

I bought them for 2000 dec, just wanted to see what comes out of it. Lol...bad decision.

I have just started playing splinterlands, bought some cards here and there. Just have the basic idea of how things works. But enjoying the game really.

Hope to get some good cards and up my excitement even more!

Yes, if you are lucky you can get them through the daily quest too. Same as with Essence orbs when they were still available. The problem is that they are not eligible toward the airdrops so if you are looking for some Untamed airdrops it's better to buy those packs.

There are some really good deals on the market right now, I would say it's better to save that DEC and straight buy the cards you need.

Good luck!
See you soon in the battle.

See you soon in the battle.

Lol, I am not ready yet. I am still figuring which combination to use. And I think it will take a long time to reach your level.

Anyways, thanks for sharing the wisdom.

No problem @looftee.
Ask away if you need any help!

Sure, thanks!