Playing Splinterlands. Battle Review.

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Hello Splinterlands Lovers.

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Today, I'm back again with my another post of @splinterlands battle review. This post is to join the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge arranged by @splinterlands. I'm sharing this post on HIVE, STEEMIT, BLURT & FACEBOOK.

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Screenshot (239).png

Screenshot (237).png

Screenshot (238).png

This was a Close Range & Taking Sides match with 38 mana cap.

Close Range:


In normal matches range attack monsters can not attack while they are in the first position. but, in this rule set range attack monsters can also attack from the first position.

Taking Sides:


In taking sides matches you can not use all of your monsters.Neutral monsters can not be used in these matches.


Zintar Mortalis.png

The ZINTAR MORTALIS is a Rare Death Summoner. He is the leading summoner of the death summoners. His ability is, all enemy monsters will loose 1 melee attack ability in the appearance of this summoner.



Undead Minotaur (1).png

The UNDEAD MINOTAUR is a Common Death Summoner with melee attack ability. I mostly like this card for it's ability of Double Strike.




Haunted Spirit (2).png

The HAUNTED SPIRIT is a Rare Death Monster. It is a monster with melee attack ability. This one is my most favourite card among all the melee attack monsters plays under the death summoner. I mostly like this card for its Ability of Heal.




Boogeyman (2).png
The BOOGEYMAN is a Rare Death Monster. This is a Magic attack monster. It's special ability is slow. This ability can slow down the attacking speed of all enemy monsters, which gives the friendly monsters a chance of attacking first.


ability_slow (1).png



The OCTOPIDER is a Rare Death Monster. This is a ranged attack monster. I like this card for its deadly and huge range attacking power. My card of OCTOPIDER is still in level-1. That's why I don't have the special ability of DEMORALIZE OF THIS CARD. This ability is one of my most favourite ability. This ability helps to reduce the melee attack ability of all enemy monsters.




Grim Reaper (1).png

The GRIM REAPER is a Rare Death Summoner. This is also a range attack monsters. As it was a close range match, I used as much as powerful range attack monsters I could. Grim Reaper is also one of my favourite monsters. This card's special ability is AFFLICTION. Because of this ability, if this card hits any card that card will lose its healing ability.




Twisted Jester (3).png

The Twisted Jester is a rare death monster. This one is my most favourite range attack monster among all the range attack monsters. I like this card because it costs only 4 mana and have the damage ability 3 including the SNIPE ability.



That's all for today's post.
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At last, Thank You So Much For Reading My Post.


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Hi friend. Regards. I am also part of the Splinterland Universe. These are my favorite cards (which have given me many victories):



I hope that my next acquisition will be Valnamor. And so it will be ...

wow, The Phantom Of The Abyss is really awesome.
A card with both flying and dodge ability. It'll be really hard to knock down this card with any melee and ranged attacking monster.
Also the Coral Wrath is so useful in little league matches. Also a magic card with sneak ability is really cool.
I just don't have any of these cards. If I had them I'd also add them in my favourite list also.😍😍
Thanks a lot @aud-perez for letting me know about two of these cool cards.

Wow, both entertainment and real money in one game.
I think I should stop playing other games that costs me money and start playing it. Also thanks for the reffer link to this amazing game.
I hope I'll be able to make some development there.

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Well played there and that's a nice post.
I liked how you talked about those monsters in detail.

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