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Hello Splinterland warriors!


Hope you will be good and fine today i am here to share my daily quest rewards and current league so finally just reached again in champion 2 league for the 2nd time before season end because still have 19 hours remaining for season-ending and i just achieved the champion 2 title for the 2nd time and unlocked 120 loot chest for me.

Quest Rewards



Well here are the quest rewards that i claimed today after completing the quest with my level 3 life summoner in champion 3 league which is difficult for me but glad that i did not lose my rating and reached champion 2 leagues also. well, i just finished the quest in champion 3 and then play some battles to unlock next league so the rewards that i claimed are champion loot chest in which i got some common and rare cards and i am seeing the sandworm in my daily quest rewards which is a useless card i think because i used this monster in many battles but it always missing attacks so i am not a fan of this card even in high mana battles.

This is enough for today will see you tomorrow and will share my season end rewards with you guys so stay tuned for the next post i hope you will like that have a great day and stay safe.

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