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Hello Splinterland warriors!

I am here to participate in this weekly battle challenge hosted by the Splinterlands team thanks for hosting these weekly challenges for us. I am participating after a long time i am a bit late to participate because today is the last day of this challenge but still wanna join this challenge so this week, we have got another challenge with Barking Spider an untamed monster from earth family. Read more about this post here


Edition: REWARD
Rarity: COMMON
Element: EARTH
Current Trade Value Alpha: $0.01

Well, have you heard of the barking spider? Yes, we have some spider monsters in our SM Game that belongs to different
family-like hunted spider, Octopider, and barking spider so here we will talk about the barking spider that belongs to Earth family.

My battle With BarkingSpider


Battle Ruleset

The Ruleset was a little league and weak magic so i choose the earth summoner because of barking spider and earth elemental to use these monsters in this little league.

What Was My LineUp?

It was a 14 Mana battle with two rulesets the one was a little league and the other one was weak magic so i choose the earth summoner and use these monsters that i will explain one by one below.

So i went for LYANNA NATURA Earth Summoner that gives one life to each friendly monsters which is upgraded to level 4 so i can use level 5 common cards in this summoner. So i choose this summoner just because of barking spider and earth elemental to make a post for a weekly battle challenge.

Well in the first position I used the Furious chicken which is 0 Mana reward card to waste my enemy mele attack. However, i upgraded this Furious chicken to level 5 to unlock the Enrage ability.

In the second position, i used ENCHANTED DEFENDER which is a common neutral monster with lots of Armor. I choose this monster because it was a weak magic ruleset so if the enemy monster attack on this monster with a magic attack so they can damage its armor before reducing health and second i have upgraded this card to level 5 so it has thorn ability if an enemy monster attack on this monster with melee so it can give damage back with its thorn ability.

In the third position, i placed the Barking Spider which is the main card of this battle currently i have level 4 barking spider with 2 ranged attacks and blind ability that can be used in level 6 but i can only use up to level 5 because of my level 4 summoner. I am using the barking spider sometimes just because of its 6 life that can not be easily killed.

Lastly, i used EARTH ELEMENTAL which is a rare earth monster that i am using most in every battle because of its self-heal restoring ability, and especially in the little league, this is a great monster that can give you more winning chances because of its healing ability.

Did your strategy work?

Yes, it worked well for me and i won this battle with barking spider hope you guys will use it in your battle soon i will upgrade it to unlock its blind ability.

All images are from the Splinterlands website if you are new to this game then signup here to play the game click here for signup

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Oooh! That Enchanted Defender! I always forget he has thorns at level five!

And yes, sometimes I find wanting to use the spider simply as a good squishy (high health, ready to get hit).

Great post! And welcome back! 🥰@carrieallen