Splinterlands Battles with Phantasm for the Challenge

in INVEN Gaming6 months ago


Hello all you Splinterlands players and anyone else checking out my post. This week they asked to use the Phantasm. It is one of the new rewards cards and I had to go buy a lot to get high to a high level. He was only a penny so I put him to level 9. I hope you enjoy the video and my talk about the card. You can also follow me and watch my videos on YouTube, Lirbary, D.tube, Uptrennd, Publish0x and 3speak.

That was a fun little fight. I know I had a level advantage but it really showed how I wanted the card to work. Make sure to take part in the challange. I like to see the different ways that people use the card. I have been listening to the AMA with the team and it has been good. I think a lot of DEC sinks are coming so might be time to buy some. Also, watch the cards you might get them bought with a little DEC soon. If DEC goes back up to value close to 2000 for 2 dollars those penny cards are going to disappear.