Path to a new life: Metro Exodus

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In 2013, the world was completely devastated due to a Nuclear War that decimated a large part of the world population, who was forced to subsist in subhuman conditions. One of the most affected areas was the Moscow capital, which was destroyed to its foundations and the few survivors had to flee to the subway to survive. With this premise begins the literary work Metro, created by Dmitri Glujovski, who has been extending his post-apocalyptic vision through three books and three games, the last being Metro Exodus.

The Metro literary saga, made up of the books Metro 2033, Metro 2034 and Metro 2035, has allowed avid readers to enjoy a unique and high-quality experience in the company of characters such as Artyom, Khan and many others. Writer Dmitri Glujovski can be happy with his creation, which has also crossed paper barriers to make the leap into the video game sector with two high-level installments, both created by 4A Games. After enjoying 2033 and Metro: Last Light.


Metro Exodus will take players across Russia - very specific areas, yes - in search of a place where they can lay the foundations of a new community, giving us the opportunity to see all kinds of places and climates. Unlike in previous installments, Metro Exodus will present a much greater variety of environments and a much larger size, something that we will see shortly after the adventure begins. To move around the different areas of the game, Artyom and Los Espartanos will use a train called Aurora; This train will be a base in itself and we can visit it at all times as long as we are standing in a specific area. In it we can improve our equipment, change weapons and create all kinds of support objects.

The train will be of special importance in our adventure, since in addition to being a base of operations it will also serve so that we can rest a little from the mission, speak with the team members and learn their stories, and other additional activities. However, the train will not be the only refuge point in Metro Exodus, since throughout the various scenarios we will find free houses in which to rest and use the work tables. These places will be of vital importance, especially if we need to recover ammunition, change weapons, create kits/filters or rest until dawn/dusk. In fact, the time of day will be very important to carry out the missions; stealth is paramount to many.


The world of Metro Exodus, despite being devastated by the Nuclear War, is still inhabited by humans, who have witnessed regressive thinking and whose way of acting shows that camaraderie no longer exists; now the law of the strongest prevails, which, together with other dangers, makes existence ephemeral. Thus, our journey through the different areas of the game will be an odyssey; When we are not fighting sects or bandits, we will be doing it against deadly creatures, the nuclear radiation that is in some parts or against the climate. In this regard, the title of 4A Games will be complete enough for us to pay close attention to everything around us. Also, being a more open scenario we will have to look closely at everything since we never know where the problems will come from.


One of the main attractions of Metro Exodus will continue to be the survival and management of all our equipment, to which new options and mechanics have been added. Artyom will once again have high-tech equipment to face the dangers of the world, such as his anti-gas mask (be careful to use it in combat because it can break), the watch that will mark us, in addition to the time, when we should change the respiration filter, the device that indicates how much we are in sight and that of environmental radiation. All of them will be very useful and we will use them constantly. Of course, the flashlight, its charger and the bullet-shaped lighter will not be missing. Later we will be getting other utensils, such as night vision glasses or binoculars.

The great stars of Metro Exodus, and our main tools are undoubtedly some weapons. Artyom will be able to access a fairly high number of them, among which we will find pistols, machine guns, hand cannons, shotguns and even a crossbow. We will have a variety to choose from to destroy our enemies, for sure. In addition, each and every one of them will be customizable thanks to the pieces that we will find in the weapons of our enemies; When you finish someone, you will see that the weapon is dropped and we will be presented with two options: collect it completely or only the parts indicated in orange in the icon. When nothing is noted, materials will be collected. All these parts can be used later on the manufacturing table or through our backpack. Thanks to this, we will be able to access all kinds of different configurations.


It's time to try one of the most impressive aspects of the game: its graphic environment. Each and every one of the titles based on the Metro license have stood out, especially on PC, for being authentic benchmarks. 4A Games, either because they go beyond what is required or because they do not know the word optimization, have put PC users in serious trouble in the two games released to date. ¿Is Metro Exodus less? Well, no. This installment offers a visual display of a very high level and presents great changes compared to its predecessors. Modeling of characters and enemies, scenarios, treatment of the light and particle system, physics, texturing, fluid engine and other aspects have taken a qualitative leap that we will see as soon as the game begins. Visually it is powerful.