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Hello, great warriors of Splinterlands, I hope you all are feeling well and enjoying your day. Today I am again sharing my entry for the weekly battle challenge "PHANTASM" which is offered by @splinterlands. You can also participate in this weekly challenge, to know more about how to participate in this challenge visit this link.



Element: DEATH
Rarity: COMMON
Edition: REWARD


PHANTASM is a Common Melee attack Monster from the Death Splinter that costs 6 mana, having 7 health, 4 speed, gives -2 Melee damage and has Flying(Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability) ability in the lower level. At the maximum level, it gains two more abilities Return Fire and Retaliate.


Battle Lineup And Link


You can watch my battle by clicking on the above 👆 picture

Battle Ruleset And Mana


The ruleset was of Silenced Summoner**and **Earthquake**. The allowed mana was **30** and only two summoners were not active **Fire** and **Water`.


Battle Summoner

Zintar Mortalis_lv4.png

I choose Zintar Mortalis as a Summoner for this battle, which is beta edition Rare Death Summoner. I always love to play with this Summoner because it reduces -1 melee damage of all melee attack monsters of the enemy team. I have upgraded it to level 4.


Furious Chicken_lv3.png

In the first position, I used FURIOUS CHICKEN which is a Rare Neutral Monster. I used it in the first position because of the Earthquake ruleset for filling one enemy attack. I have upgraded to level 3 for the -1 melee attack.



In the second place, I used the theme of weekly challenge PHANTASM which is a Common Melee attack Death monster. Here I used it in the second place because I was thinking it will be safe for a while and put the furious chicken in the first place. Also, it has the flying ability so it will not get damaged from the earthquake. I have recently upgraded it to level 2.


Corrupted Pegasus_lv1.png

In the third position, I used CORRUPTED PEGASUS which is a legendary Death Monster that costs 6 mana and has 6 health. I use it in the third position because after the ending of furious chicken it will come to the second position and will be able to attack from the second position. At level 1 it has two abilities Flying and Reach. I have currently 1 BCX and I will soon upgrade it to level 2 for strengthen ability.


Phantom Soldier_lv3.png

In the fourth position, I used my most loving death monster PHANTOM SOLDIER. I love this monster because of its abilities(Flying, Silence) and-3 magic attack. Here I used it because of the Earthquake ruleset. The magic monster directly attacks on health instead of armor unless there is no change in the rules. I have upgraded it to level 3 for Silence(decrease 1 magic attack of all magic attack monster in the enemy team) ability.


Fallen Specter_lv2.png

In the fifth position, I used a legendry death monster FALLEN SPECTER which cost 2 mana and has 6 speed. I used it in the fifth position because it has only one health and also of Earthquake ruleset. I have recently upgraded to level 2 for Demoralize ability.



In the last position, I used SOULSTORM which is a Ranged attack Epic Death Splinter Monster. At the lower level, it has Flyng ability and gives -3 ranged damage in each round. I used it in the last position because of the ruleset and also it is a ranged attack Monster and can only attack from distance. Currently, I have level 1.


Battle Result


Did your strategy work?

Yes, my strategy worked very well and I won this battle.


Do you use the PHANTASM often? Why or why not?

No, it was my first experience with PHANTASM and I will try to use it in future battles.



If you are new to Splinterlands and want to join, you can join from the below link.

  • If you are a newbie and want to ask something, you are welcome I am always available 🤚 to help you.
  • All images used in this post are downloaded from the link. You can also download images from it just by entering parameters: card name, edition, and level. For more info check this link.
  • Thanks in advance If you like my post and show some support.




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Nice work! its funny, your line-up here is almost exactly like one I use all the time with death too, hehe