The Star Wars Community Stop-Motion Contest. Win Steem and TRON.

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There is a prize of 42 Steem and 10 TRON for the winner of this Contest.... Maybe More

Thanks to the very generous upvote of @TheycallmeDan the prize is now 42 Steem

It will run for 30 days. (month of March 2020)

The Winner will be Announced on April 1 2020 (No Joke)

Star Wars Community Stopmotion Contest Rules:

  1. Subscribe to the Steem Star Wars Community :

  2. Create an Original 1 Minute Stop-Motion Movie about Star Wars.

  3. It can be a drawing, a painting, claymation, animation..... but it needs to be Stop-motion. I will post a few Examples below.

  4. You can use the Time-lapse feature already on your iPod, iPhone or other device , or you can use the Free StopMotion App :

  5. Create your own Star Wars Post and Share your video on YouTube, DTube, or someplace where you can Also embed or link your Video in Comments below.

  6. Use hashtags #starwars #SteemitStarwars etc....

I am looking for Engagement and Original Creators on Steem. I know you are out there ....

May the Force be with You.



Some recent Stop-Motion examples .....

Steemit / Star Wars:


my entry , Star wars Vs Corona Virus fight , stop motion , i draw characters on paper and made this stop motion ,lol

Thanks for the Resteem @Skylinebuds..... much appreciated. I appreciate your Engagement .

No problem, This is a great idea for a contest. I am glad to resteem this

Also dropped a link in some discords

Awesome. Will you make a movie too ? Great fun for the whole family.

I have been thinking I may give this a try. Never done one but my kids use stop motion all the time. And we got quite a few star wars people around my house 😀

Hey @offgridlife that's a pretty complex challenge but the prize is worth it. I hope there are many participants.

Yeah. But there is Still lots of time to enter.....

Yes friend @offgridlife, time to prepare the work.

Thank you @steemyoda.... you have an awesome Community here ... I am going to see if I can get you to 1 Million Subs.

I loved that example of the dark side it was great!

Thank you very much for watching ...

wow nice :D

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Wow .... Thank you very much @theycallmedan .... you have given me A New Hope In Steem. It is a new day for Steem and TRON.

You should edit tag and add in upfundme

Thanks .... will give that a try. I don’t know all these Tricks. It Seems like Steem in a Secret Society ... How does that work ? Can I use it in all my posts ?

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Fantastic.... great news. I hope you join the Star Wars Community and the Stop Motion movie contest: