Blockchain Gaming Trends; Good and Bad Ones

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Blockchain Games are slowly but surely climbing up in popularity regardles of all the raising concerns like Ethereum scaleablity, insane gas fees and the rise of scam games like ChainZ Arena where unfortunately I ended up losing a lot of crypto in the process. Some good news involve our own Hive game Splinterlands which is having a great success with land sales and is the most popular blockchain game today, dCity is doing great and will have some great new updates in the future. The result of all the good and bad things that revolves around blockchain games these days is that more eyes are watching and are getting involved. Even though the development of new games has almost come to a halt, there are some games that manage to raise in popularity like Enjin's Lost Relics (previously called Forgotten Artifacts) where with few good updates the dev completely removed Ethereum transactions and in the process the game actually became a lot better. With coming of Efinity, Enjin's ethereum scalability solution it is a game worth looking into.

The most concerning part for me is the noob company called Mobox, a dev company behind ChainZ Arena (came with blessings from Justin Sun) which implemented a 2nd server for their game once new money stopped coming in for the first and original server. Imagine this, imagine if Splintelands created a 2nd server with separated economies and card prices, where players are unable to send cards and DEC from 1st to 2nd server, imagine the hate that would create, the project would surely die. Well the brainiacs from Mobox actually implemented their 2nd server and completely screwed over their own community, Soul token price which is an ingame currency fell from 70cents to 10cents, card prices dropped by 3x, meanwhile the prices on 2nd server are high like when the game launched 4months ago and the Soul price is around 70cents, again you can't transfer anything between servers. If you spend money on server1 and had an expensive team, tough luck, that team is now worthless, if you invested in Soul on server 1 it is now worth a fraction what it used to be worth. Tough luck some would say, the fact is it not a tough luck, it is a bunch of scammers that are running the show, stay clear and spread the news about ChainZ Arena scam, do not touch that game.

The most idiotic response I've ever seen a company do after more than half of their community started called them a scammers is this, when you launch the game this brand new message pops up:

"ChainZ Arena is a game. Play and spend under your own discretion."

There you go folks, now you know it's just a game. I wouldn't be surprised if one day they start a 3rd server, a scam operation continues.

Blockchain games are here to stay, you just need to be extremely careful not to overextend and to not act on you instincts, there are a lot of scam games out there, they are here to take your hard earned money and when the time is right they will exit scam. When it comes to crypto games, those are not just games anymore, those are now real investments, but not ChainZ Arena, that is now after 4 months just a game.


Hopefully Splinterlands team is smarter than that.

Don't worry they definitely are.