Votes for Disabled Witnesses?

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Hey there Hivians!

Proud to say that I finally finished assigning my 30 witness approvals. Although new to Hive, I have become a huge fan and am doing all I can to contribute positively to the community.

Something I noticed while reviewing the witness list is the incredible number of approvals that are assigned to disabled or stale accounts. The SS below is just the top portion of the witness list when filtered to show disabled accounts.

Maybe I am ignorant here, but I would think a witness that is disabled is effectively useless, therefore the approvals they receive are doing nothing but holding up a lifeless body.

Assuming all of my assumptions to be correct, is there not a way to notify users who have assigned approvals to accounts that are disabled or stale? I am sure the majority are probably users who have gone idle, but I would think there has to be a portion that may just not be aware?

I don't know. Just seems like a waste.



I took a vacation from SteemIt for about 8 months. When I came back, I found that many of the witnesses for which I voted were disabled.

Apparently, there are some people who've lost their keys. These accounts can never change their witness vote.

These flaws end up favoring old accounts at the cost of new vibrant witnesses.

There was talk about changing the system to require that people periodically review their witness page. I don't know if this code was put into effect yet.

Vacation from steem but this is hive 😬 same here with the witnesses some have votes and don’t do anything so that’s true , I wrote a blog about it today

My SteemIt vacation ended just as Justin Sun was taking over Steem. Several of my votes were for witnesses controlled by Sun.

I revised my voting strategy. I no longer cast all thirty votes. Instead I add votes as I encounter interesting things and periodically pare down my votes.

Great that a new arrihiver is taking responsibility to cast 39 votes ! So thank you for that. It’s a difficult time so when somebody has decided to not run the witness anymore, the your time to inform your voters on the other hand it’s our responsibility to check it once every few months what your 30 are doing. So you got my vote for voting 😉

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The image says 7 votes left ! 😬

haha yeah, took the SS prior to finishing so I wouldn't forget!