Splinterlands: Finally got some daily quest rewards to show off

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I have to admit, the daily quests have not been that kind to me lately. Not the rewards so much as the rule sets that have kept me from even attempting them on most of my accounts. I recently used my free starter pack from the kickstarter to start up another account.

That means I have each account focusing on only two splinters which leaves me lots of opportunity for the daily quest to leave me out in the cold.

On the rare occasions that I have been able to attempt and complete the daily quest, the rewards have been pretty decent in my opinion.

Picture above are some cards that I got a couple of days ago. One epic and three rares isn't that bad. Plus that common Screeching Vulture is pretty cool if you ask me. I know "flying" isn't anything super significant, but for a common card to come with two abilities right out of the gate is pretty cool.


The next day I was able to complete the daily quests again with my main account. The rewards weren't anything super spectacular, but I was able to snag that gold foil Undead Minotaur. I noticed someone else got one yesterday too, so they might be having a run on them.

I do find it a bit humorous that alongside the gold foil card I got three of the regular style cards of that character. I think my highest summoners are only level 6 so getting those cards to level 8 or higher is not much of a priority for me.


Finally today I was able to pull these cards as the daily reward from my wife's account. Another Screeching Vulture and I really love how they have started to expand and fill out the Dragon splinter. That has been a splinter that I have stayed away from being mostly filled with high mana cards that are hard or expensive to level up.

Getting a couple more Gelatinous Cubes and a Silvershield Assassin was pretty cool too. I don't think I have been beaten yet by a hand with a Sivershield Assassin in it, but I can definitely see the benefit. Especially at higher levels as @slobberchops mentioned where you gain the poison ability.

I still have one more account to see if I can do the daily quest before I call it quits for the weekend. With the end of the season being a little over 4 days away, I might not have much chance to push into Gold 1 or get more daily quest rewards.

I am really looking forward to the mobile app because for me personally it will make it much easier to play at home on the weekends. I know others have mentioned you can play in the browser on your phone, but for me it isn't very responsive. Trying to complete my daily quests can be frustrating enough without the added headache of having to scroll all over because things don't fit on the screen.

Finally, I still have about 15 Beta packs that I am trying to decide what to do with them. The price for Beta pack tokens has risen to about $2.80 on Steem-Engine. That is a decent profit, but part of me is kind of hoping for more. Plus I am also torn by the possibility that there might be some super sweet cards sitting in those packs.

Any thoughts or advice? I'd love to hear what you think I should do!

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If it were me, I think I’d open the packs. That’s really the only way to level betas anymore. You might get a sweet card or two, and you can always sell off the others if you want, probably make back the equivalent.




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Good points. It looks like Alpha Pack tokens are selling for about $10.35 right now though. Is it possible Beta packs will hit those numbers? What are the chances that I would get a card I can sell for $155? It has happened in the past, but I am not sure I am that lucky. These are the things that keep me up at night! :)

Yeah. That’s rough. 😖 I am not a financial advisor, this is not financial advice, always do your own research when making investments 🤣

Hahaha! Love it!

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Mhh, I probably would open the beta packs. Level up the cards I do need and sell the one I don't need. But hey I am a gambler :)

Maybe just better to take the profit an run :)


Yeah, I have been thinking about that too. If the price of Steem does go up I stand to make more right now than later. I think anyway... Thanks for the great input!

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