Steemmonsters season update!

The current season of Steemmonsters/Splinterlands is already half way. So it is time for an update on my progress.

Both accounts are running great.


The secondary account, which plays with leased cards from the primary account, did break open the door of Gold II. This is way better than expected.
It also got decent reward cards for completing the daily quest. Half way the season this account already got rewarded with cards with a combined value of $2.43. Also it did manage to collect 1680 DEC. Most of them were sold, but I do have another goal with the earned DEC. Later more about this.


The primary account is safely within Gold I. With 8 more days in the season and some more battles in the early days of the season, I do hope that I can reach Diamond II, which will be the goal for this season.
Reward wise it is doing a little bit better than the other account, but this is because I does get more cards. If I would make an average value per cards, it is running behind. But I am satisfied with the earned $3.61 and the 5924 DEC earned. The reason the DEC earning is so high is because some cards were sold.

Dragon: Daria Dragonscale!


Since the dragon element has become part of the daily quest, I was trying to get a dragon splinter leveled up. Now I am facing some of the consequences of selling lots of dragons in the early days of steemmonsters.
I only have 2 dargon summoners. Drake of Arnak which is an untamed summoner and Daria which is a Beta summoner.
While Drake is onlu at level 1, Daria is already at level 4. Not to bad for an Epic summoner, but I really should have it on Level 5. I do need 7 more Darias.
With a value of $1.35 this is a rather big investment Steem wise. So I will try to earn my Darias with DEC.
One Daria at the moment does cost 2031.508 DEC, so 14220.556 DEC is needed to get it to the desired level.
I do think that I will need a season or 2 to collect this. Maybe I am lucky and get a very valuable reward card which I can sell, to speed up things.

To bad that I discoved way to late that Daria has been printed out. By discovering this sooner I would have saved myself lot's of DEC, because it would have been cheaper. But it is what it is!



Daria is definitely great for Gold Division battles which is no wonder why the price has doubled since runing out of print. Still a great time to add to collections as prices have come down.

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Well I guess I do have no other chooce :(



Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Too bad... you should have max your daria first in the old days 😉 i collected several gold daria and regular daria too, maxed one in my main account cicisaja and use the rest of it to delegate and trade with several monsters I needed. Now I never regret to have a max one even though my deck is only a silver deck.

I do have to life with my decisions made in past :(
Probably I would have enough to max him out if I would have kept them all.
Good luck at the battle fields!


Hey @thekeenqueen, here is a little bit of BEER from @fullcoverbetting for you. Enjoy it!

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I don't understand much (almost anything) about online games and splintlanders, much less. But I get excited to know that someone has won :)
A hug my friend.

Ah... I see you have the same problem with the Dragon Splinter that I do... I really wish I hadn't sold my Dragon cards... it's a bit of a slog getting them competitive!

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