Your Friend Is Not A Blogger?

Oh, Dear!

Not to worry. You can still offer that friend some things to do around here on the Hive Blockchain. Things that would still help such a friend gain easy access to cryptocurrency. And connections (if Discord community servers are to one's taste).

A few words about blogging here, first...

I've seen people on Discord talking about getting it off Hive so that the token price can go up... I'd say there are other coins if you want to just stake, trade, make a fast and easy profit or lose everything you invest.

Being a social network and allowing easy access to the coin through content creation rewards is the unique thing that should be marketed and developed. Get-rich-fasters will be disappointed. Well, most of us could still get disappointed instead if things go that way. Riding the trends that are worth it right now but offer little or no real value long-term. To me, that would seem like gambling the future away.

But there be alternatives

For those who would not enjoy writing posts. I had occasions when people just said writing was not their thing and posts include some writing. But hey, everything does. The question what extent.

If you are not into blogging, I suggest you still make your introductory post. And that's it. Introduce yourself to the community. Also, use the tag (and I will not put the symbol for a tag here but down below in the field for topics you should put the following) introduceyourself.

That would bring you something to begin with.

Well, I recommend that but it is not necessary. You can just invest a little, as you would do in other coins.

Hive power is useful for those who would be curators, but that requires a lot. Not the Entry Level thing to do.

Instead, you could use some liquid Hive for a good headstart in a game... or for tokenizing limited edition digital art if you create some and offer in the galleries I will provide links to below.

It's the Games which are an easy and entertaining way into crypto and Hive have some good ones to offer.

They just require some patience if your investment is low. Well, even if high. Time must flow before you see returns but Time does flow anyway. But if you are a gamer or if you have ever been one, you know what grinding means.

Only, here grinding pays off. In cryptocurrency. We're talking about simple games that still offer some depth and challenge you to find your strategy.

The two most prominent titles right now are dCity and Splinterlands. Links provided further down this article. Both of those require some investment of some currency before you can start your self-sustaining engine.

A game under development that can bring you the sum for that initial investment, something around 10 USD value, although in about a month or a little more of clicking through the same recipes, is Crypto Brew Master. I wonder where that one will go.

Well, those are all good in some combination with some blogging about them but can be used on their own.

This is all still early in the game. And what I like is that we now have a chance to be early adopters of this or that project. By just participating and sharing about it. This is what I am doing and I am happy with it.

I had a few friends join the dCity madness already. And they've grown quite a lot after some initial push that I gave them.

Meanwhile, I keep growing myself. Setting an example, you know...

Yeah, if we presume we're still talking about newbie friends of yours, and you yourselves have been here for a while...I suggest you help them a little. Having them stick around is a great reward.

Note: When you see linked text, hover over it and examine the URL that shows so that you know if it's safe to click it. At least that's one easy step you could take to make sure.

Art Galleries

...with my ref codes:

For Photography Lensy
Community yet to grow...

For Other Visual Art — NFTshowroom
The community already gaining speed.


...with or without ref codes:

The dCity Game

My Splinterlands ref

My CryptoBrewMaster ref

Token Market

Hive Engine

Best of luck!


Manol Donchev


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