Day 882 Freewrite Friday Splinterlands Translator

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: translator

If you've never written a Freewrite before please visit today's post by @mariannewest
Even if you've never heard of Splinterlands, you don't need a translator to see that my quest reward cards for today were AWESOME! First we'll start with the Essence Orb, which usually costs $2, that contains five extra Promo cards, which is fabulous. The next kick ass card is the Legendary Zalren Efreet, that can be purchased for around $2, I was able to level this card up to Level 3. My card now has three abilities, headwinds, cleanse, and life leach, I may be able to use it in more higher mana battles. My third great card was a gold foil Gremlin Blaster, a $1.50 card with the blast ability, I was able to level that card up too! I took him to Level 4. I wasn't sure how today's Hive migration would effect Splinterlands gameplay, but if my rewards continue this weekend, I'll be one happy monster freaked. Have a great weekend.

Freewrite and photo by Bruni

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