Weekend Freewrite-12-21-2019-Splinterlands Update Trip

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Below is my five minute #freewrite on my chosen prompt: trip

If you've never written a Freewrite before please visit today's post by @mariannewest

This week's trip down Splinterlands lane brings us a few gold foil cards, but no legendary cards. If you check out my screenshots, you will also see a few of the new reward cards awarded for my daily quests. The Screeching Vulture seems to be a very useful card for the Earth Splinter, with a low mana cost. The SilverShield Assassin has double strike but with a high mana cost of 7, I'm not sure how much I will get to use it in the Life Splinter. The Water Splinter picked up a Feasting Seaweed and I've been using it quite a bit with only a 4 mana cost. I only need one more gold foil Wood Nympho to level up this very useful, must have tank healer. Until next Saturday, have a very Merry Christmas and get your daily quest battles completed daily if possible. 🙏

Freewrite and photos by Bruni

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