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Hello Splinterland warriors!

How are you all, hope you will be blessed today i am here to share the quest rewards of yesterday and the packs opening result in which i got one rare gold card that i sold suddenly and bought a legendary dragon summoner.


Once, on the other side of the world, a great Empire thrived known as Khmer. After generations of great losses from a horrific and indescribable enemy, the Khmer were forced to abandon their home and relinquish their Empire.
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Well, KHEMER PRINCESS is a low mana rare earth card with its magic ability but seems a little bit expensive now a days because this will give you healing ability at level 4 so that is why the price of this card will be increasing. However, yesterday i bought some packs and opened it so i got this monster in gold foil worth of 1.6$ so i placed it for sale on the market and someone bought it too quickly. well, the reason of selling this monster was to buy a legendary summoner for the dragon family i have two cards and bought one to upgrade it to level 2 so now i can easily use some common and rare cards at level 4 and 5.



Well, here you can see the abilities and other information about this card like you can see that it takes 2 mana only, with one magic attack and 2 life at level 1 and maxmimum life of this monster is 5 at max level and also you can get two abilities the one is healing that will be unlocked at level 4 and the other one is triage that will be unlocked at max level. However, i will upgrade this card soon to unlock its healing ability which is necessary in every battles but it is awesome when you have a low mana card like this with healing ability.

Quest Rewards


Well, here you can see the quest rewards in which i got only a single card wave runner from the water family. Also, i got some chest of dec and potion charges like round about 60 dec tokens and 3 potion charges that will be used to increase the chance of getting gold cards from the packs opening. However, i will buy some more potion charges soon for opening packs because i used all potions while opening packs.


It is said that Camila Sungazer received her summoning abilities from visions wrought by staring day after day at the noon sun for her entire life. She is, of course, completely blind from staring at the sun, but her magic is most impressive.

Well, i just upgrade this CAMILA SUNGAZER to level 2 so now i can easily use the common cards in it at level and rare at level 4 because i always skipping the quest with dragon splinter because of common dragon summoner which is not that much awesome so i bought this one upgraded to level 2 currently soon i will convert it to level 3 because first i need to upgrade the dragon cards for it. Well, the ability of this legendary dragon summoner is that it reduce one melee attack from all the enemy monster same as it works like the beta death summoner.


Here you can see the result of pack opening in which i got the rare gold princess that i explained above and some common cards of different familes.

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