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Hello Splinterland warriors!

I am here again with another post in which i am going to share my daily quest rewards and the last battle of the death splinter in which i will explain all the cards of my line up.


Years ago, Mimosa was a poor shivering child, all alone in the alleys of Beluroc. She was five years old. She remembered her name, but little else. Mimosa’s parents had been vaporized before her eyes in a great battle of Witches, and she was now abandoned.
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  • -1 Ranged attack from all enemy range attack monsters
  • Apply void ability on Friendly monsters
  • Apply the affliction ability on enemy monsters

Well, I always love to play the quest with death splinter when i got a quest with this splinter because i can easily use the mimosa nightshade summoner that i am using mostly. However, Before getting the mimosa nightshade i was skipping the death splinter to complete the quest with it because of the level 3 summoner in beta which is not enough to beat the opponent then i got mimosa from untamed pack in GOLD FOIL edition at level 2 so i can easily play level 5 common monsters with it and level 4 rare.


Well the ruleset was keep your distance means that only monster with range and magic attack will be able to use in the battle and the mana cost was 25 so i can easily adjust the monsters in this mana lets see the line up.

For wasting the enemy monster attack i choose the furious chicken for the first position because it will save my other monsters life. However, this is a zero mana monster that will give you the benefit of missing the first attack of enemy monster.

In the second position, i choose the prismatic enemy monster which can reflect the magic attack because of the ruleset i choose this one to reflect the magic attack and can not get any damage from the monster who has weak magic because of the void ability. However, you can also get the void ability in this prismatic energy at level 5 but if you have mimosa then still you can get the void ability.

In the third position i placed the great epic neutral monster DWARVEN WIZARD which is a low mana card with its sniping ability so i choose this one for sniping to damage the back line of enemy monster to win the battle with ease because of the enemy monster use the sniping ability monster with magic ability then this one will not get any damage because of the void ability.

In the 4th position, i placed the poison spider that will affect your health even if this monster died because of the poison ability. i choose this one for the poison ability to give damage with range attack as well as apply the poison effect on the enemy monster.

Well, in the last position i placed the twisted jester which is a rare death monster with sniping ability and a low mana card that you can easily use in the little league battles to give you more wining chances. However, you need to upgrade this little mana monster to atleast level 3 to unlock its 3 range attack.

Quest Rewards


Well, here you can see the quest completion that i completed the quest with death splinter with Gold 2 league soon i will touch the gold 1 in a few battles if i won.


So these are the rewards that i claimed today after completing the quest with death splinter and got only one card from the life family warrior of peace and rest of the loot chest for potions and one for dark energy crystal token (14).

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Very cool and clean looking article. I hope that others get inspired from your style and effort. And Mimosa is an awesome summoner.




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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Mimosa is beautiful and scary, that card is powerful I'm glad you like it.

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