Showing off some season rewards.

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Hello Hive Community,

This is Rashed again.
Thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged me until now.

Please check my introduction post to know me better from the link below.
This is Iftekhar Rashed.

This is just a normal post showing some season rewards.


I think the season ended some day before and I was busy so I couldn't come to the gaming site and when I came here a little while ago, I've found out that there were waiting 18 Loot Chests as my season reward.


3 Cards, 6 Potions and some Dark Energy Crystals.
That's all that I got.

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If I talk about splinterlands then I'd say that,
I think it's a good place to pass your spare time with something enjoyable and earns something at the same time.
The inside game gives nice gifts to active players and they also reward users in hive with upvote which is a better option for newbies too to earn something as a beginner.

I will ask you to join with my referral link in splinterlands if you wish to.
And here's my referral link.

Join the goatgang and be a goat.

Wish me good luck, will you?

Be safe till we meet again.
Au revoir/Goodbye.



Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

It seems you got flooded with DEC.
Nice rewards.
Keep battling, keep holding cards for getting bigger collection power, and keep getting nice rewards.
And try to improve your post quality to get bigger rewards.