It's Crypto Mondays - And What A Monday It Was...

in The CTP Swarm6 months ago

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What a start to the work week...

  • We discussed all the @splinterlands news today, with their MASSIVE Brave Browser announcement!

  • Dove into @exxpio Rebrand!

  • We hit 10 dolphins in the CTP Swarm

  • @CTPSB is GROWING :)

An exciting time to be involved in the blockchain!

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Great post @jongolson caught the replay on FB will try to get to one of these live soon, thanks for sharing have a blessed one bro

FB kills unicorns. Watch it on 3speak and save 'em!

LOL @jongolson I hear ya bro i think it's just because i connect to team mates on FB and then your video is normally the first thing i see on my feed when i login there.

Going to be shifting my focus more this way now the hard fork has basically past really been struggling here due to that even with changing the nodes.

Oh it's been a mess...Hope it gets sorted soon :)

Thanks man, appreciate ya!

Great show and great news all around hive. When I see brave teaming up with Splinterlands, it makes me happy to have a big chunk of

Thanks a lot for the shout out!

ha ha ha ha I'm still trying to master this game...I still have no idea what i'm doing but i'm buying packs lol

It was an interesting show... We had everything... great news, a bit of rant, comeback of the lost son... 🤣 🤣

As I was watching the recording on FB and following real-time comments, it was an interesting experience being thrown back to 1997 and faucets and stuff... 🤣 🤣 🤣

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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Yeah, it was always meant to be a start, never a finish when it came to faucets.

And it goes the same for challenges... Perfect for a start, but not to make a career of that... But, people like to be stuck in their comfy zone... You have left one comfort zone, and locked yourself in the other one...



Great show and happy to see Blain back as well. Lots of interesting block chain news, that will help hive in the short and long term. A show well worth watching.

Thanks man, yeah glad he's back...I can sip more water during the shows now LOL

I sure hope you guys are done moving around. LOL Welcome back Blain. The replays are good but I would rather be there live, Thanks for all you do @jongolsen and @blainjones