Splinternomics: Operation 1million SPT

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My target is to stack one million SPT power before the end of the year and to achieve that, I have powered up every single token I earned. On top of post rewards, I've been picking up a few sell orders through Hive-engine, although I slowed down because of the little pump that the token experienced in recent times.


For those that still don't know about Splintertalk and SPT: it is a hive front end for Splinterlands related posts. Thus, if you play the game and will like to see information about the game, then splintertalk.io is the place you need to be.

The token of splintertalk is SPT and it is trading on Hive-engine for 0.002 hive/spt. Just like Leo and other front ends, you can stake your spt to curate posts on the front end.

I've been steadily growing mine steadily from my post earnings but I also did a few purchases in the past. My SPT power is slightly over 150k at the moment and with a total of about 57million of spt in circulation, I think there's an opportunity here.

My target is to get my stake up to 1 million before the end of the year. I'm focusing on staking post rewards because the price of SPT keeps getting higher, thus making it even more difficult for me to enter the market. However, I'll keep my eye on the market for any opportunity to jump in.

I will write blog posts about, Finance, Fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency

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All I need is a topic, tone of the post and any extra information you'd like me to add. If you choose to patronise me, I assure you that all our conversations will be kept private.

I will write insightful football articles

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If you would like to patronise me or have any suggestions for me, please leave a comment with your contact information or reach me through any of the following channels;


I just started my daughters the @KidSisters on Splinterlands. I can see she can practice some logic, English,, math and more with the game, so I think it's a positive force. They are even more excited all the cards have Hive value, and if they fall out of love with the game, they can sell off their assets.

Nice idea. There's some economic/management side of the game that they will learn as well. For now, the most important thing is for them to learn strategy and outsmart their opponent. !ENGAGE 50

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Welcome to page one of the SPT whales: https://leodex.io/richlist/SPT

Here, take more of it and stake it up!

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Wow. Thanks for always coming through for me and supporting my posts. . I just put in a buy order, and if it gets filled, I'll be even higher up the ladder

It's tough buy though with that damn massive perpetual buy bot.

Didn't know about the buy bot. I just put in one buy order and hope for the best. I'll also be filling some sell orders with my earnings from battles.