What would Mr. Krabs do?

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"You don't get rich by spending money", that's one message Mr Krabs follows religiously and never deviates from. The guy is relentless in his search for coin and just like @trumpman, he grabs every single coin he can get, no matter how small and "irrelevant" it may be.

Grabbing as many coins as I can is something I have been trying to do as I save up to get myself out of this hell hole. My main skill is writing, so I try to squeeze out the most from my skill by posting on virtually every platform my hand can reach.

Every day, I get asked about how I earn from cryptocurrency, in real life of course, and I never have a response for them. So today, I decided to write a quick post that will highlight everything I do online and then show people the link, instead of talking. So, here they are;

  • Blogging: I post on Hive and then crosspost to Steem, Blurt, Publish0x and sometimes Uptrennd. I earn from upvotes in all the platforms and when the upvotes mature, I have the option to take out the crypto from the upvote and trade it for money(naira or dollar) on crypto exchange. I also earn some sub tokens on Hive like Spt, leo, neoxag, pal, ctp and a bunch of others that are also tradable.

  • Blockchain gaming: I signed up for Splinterlands with $10 and I play ranked battles to earn. I have spent a fair bit of money to upgrade my cards but it has generally been worth the money. You play ranked battles and earn DEC, then you trade DEC for money(Naira or dollar). I also play Rabona and I'm not sure how much I earn from that one yet, but at the end of every season, I get paid some hive.

  • Staking Vite and VX: I bought Vite on Binance and then used the Vite to buy VX in an internal exchange on the vite app. I stake Vite and also earn VX. I stake VX and earn Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT pegged tokens inside the vite app. It is tiny money since my volume is low, but it can come in handy.

  • Freelance work: This one doesn't have to do with cryptocurrency but since I use the internet, I figured I'd add it. I do freelance writing gigs for people that need it. They meet me or I search for them after marketing my writing profile, they give me a topic and then pay me.

  • Hodling: Finally, I just buy random shitcoins(read cryptocurrency) and hold them until their price rises. This approach is basically for Bitcoin, since you literally can't do anything with it.

The point of this post is to highlight everything I do to earn from the internet. This way, whenever somebody asks me, I just point them to this article and I won't have to stress myself with talking. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day.

I will write blog posts about, Finance, Fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency

Link to gig

All I need is a topic, tone of the post and any extra information you'd like me to add.

I will write insightful football articles

Link to gig

Contact me


If you would like to patronise me or have any suggestions for me, please leave a comment with your contact information or reach me through any of the following channels;


So i can cross post on publishox, blurt and uptrennd, same way you told me i can cross post on steem?

Exactly. You can shitpost everywhere. Just post it on hive first


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Take your time and skill convert it into fiat, take said fiat convert it into something that benefits from the value of time, that's all we can do, wish I woke up to it sooner, bleh

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Better late than never bro. We'll stack these coins until we can buy our way out of this place.

Your life in an article 😄

Lol this way, when people ask, I'll just send them the link and the can know. !ENGAGE 50

You are doing a good job for yourself

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Thank you monica

You are welcome...
How is today coming.
And hope you are enjoying a peaceful atmosphere

Haha, nicely summarised in a few bullet points! Who knows, maybe with PayPal's announcement that seems to have got the market excited, it will be even easier and people can get their hands on "some crypto" but you're doing well by the sounds of it and diversifying your income streams.

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Thanks Nicky. Yeah, hopefully, things fall in place nicely for all of us. I need as many coins as I can get

It is cool that you share your success story with us. :)

Here, take more coins for the cause.

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Yooo thank you so much mate. You always come through for me.