SPT tokens have finally arrived on Hive

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Hi friends,
do you remember the SPT tokens?

They are the tokens of the tribe Splintertalk created and issued by the @splinterlands account when Hive did not yet exist.
On Steem, when you posted a post about the Splinterlands game and tagged it with the spt tag you received an amount of SPT tokens based on the amount of the same tokens that the person voting for the post had staked on Steem Engine.

After Splinterlands moved to Hive I always wondered:

How come Splinterlands doesn't transfer SPT tokens to Hive Engine?

The wait is over today.
I checked my Hive Engine wallet and found my SPT tokens.


I sold pretty much every token I had on Steem Engine except the SPT tokens.
Two days ago, after I heard that the SPT tokens would also arrive on Hive, I bought more 58000 SPT.

I wanted to buy many more but unfortunately I arrived late and couldn't.

So now I have a total of about 93674 SPT which I immediately put in stake.



Now let's see some details about the SPT token.

SPT tokens on Hive

On Hive Engine tokens SPT are called Splinterlands, while on Steem Engine they were called Splintertalk.

The tag spt


spt is the tag of SplinterTalk tribe.

The SPT token and the spt tag are closely interconnected.

If you are a Splinterlands player when you make a post about Splinterlands and put the spt tag you will receive tokens based on the amount of tokens (SPT) that the person voting for your post has put in stake in their Hive Engine wallet.

Author/Curators Split (SPT)


The division of SPT tokens between the author of the post with spt tag and the curator (the one who votes the post) is respectively 50%/50%.
If you are a Splinterlands player when you make a post where you talk about Splinterlands always put between the tags of your post the spt tag.
This is the only way to receive SPT tokens.

Internet site: https://www.splintertalk.io/

Note: it's only a few hours since the SPT tokens arrived on Hive Engine and the splintertalk.io tribe site has yet to be updated.
Everything will be up and running soon for sure.

The Wallet (SPT)

To store any token we need a wallet and the SPT token wallet is on: https://hive-engine.com/

The actions on SPT tokens


The information

If you click the symbolimage.png

on the screen you will see a screen with all the main information of the token (Name, Supply, Issuer, Website Url and Description)


Sell and buy an SPT

If you click the symbolimage.png

access the SPT token market where you can sell and buy SPT based on current supply and demand.

Send SPT

If you click the symbolimage.png

You can send the amount of SPT you want to another account

Consult the "token history"

If you click the symbolimage.png

You can see the history of the latest transactions related to SPT tokens

Stack the SPT tokens

If you click the symbolimage.png

You can stake your SPT tokens and increase your SPT Power.

Following the identical mechanism of Hive Power (HP), the more SPT you have in stake the more SPT you will be able to send and receive with your upvote.

The operation of "Unstake"

If you click the symbolimage.png

You can choose to remove an amount of SPT from the stake that you previously staked.

Delegate SPT

If you click the symbolimage.png

You can delegate the SPT tokens to another account.

Take out the delegation of SPT tokens

If you click the symbolimage.png

You can remove the total or partial delegation that you had previously made to another account.


For people like me who constantly participate in contests organized by Splinterlands and write many posts about the most famous game on Hive, using the spt tag and having SPT tokens as a reward is definitely an extra value.

I will delegate all SPT tokens to the @libertygame27 account with which I will support quality posts about the Splinterlands game that have the spt tag.

Haven't you registered on Splinterlands yet?


You are missing out on a more unique than rare opportunity to enjoy yourself and at the same time to earn tokens and cards.

Splinterlands is a beautiful game but it is above all an excellent investment (my personal opinion).

If you are not yet registered on Splinterlands and have decided to register, you can do it from this link:


obviously if you like to use my refferal link ...

If you liked my post leave a comment, an upvote or do a resteem.

See you on the Splinterlands battlefields.

Unless otherwise indicated, the images in this post are screenshots taken from the site:




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Pretty good news, I was using the spt tag along with splinterlands from instinct. From now on maybe I will get something in return when being upvoted.

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Wow wow....and so you became an SPT orca! blast me with some gigantic spt powered upvotes fella!

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Great writing..
Huge details of SPT.
and yeah they did a great job getting SPT in hive.

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