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RE: My Satoshi Earning Game Plan

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wow ! That is very good numbers! You will win our contest "first to 1 btc" if I dont take the saving money in fiat from my wife and put in to btc. I have to think about that option.
"Free Bitcoin" was it that?
And I do not see anything about brave? Dont use?


I didn't include BRAVE and any dust tokens or shit coins I have because it would just make things more complicated. I am only looking at things I can calculate with a set value, Brave I don't know if Im going to get ads each month and the BAT I have doesn't bring much in from Celsius yet

Oh don't feel too bad, I have to be this aggressive, my South African rands are dropping like a stone, so I need to find the best yield for it somewhere, Crying in inflation

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And one thing more. I miss your !BEER in this statistic 😀

Lol if beer can 78X in price then I can buy a beer with a beer and that would be my dream, then I can die happy !ENGAGE 20

I think it is more possible that you get 1 BTC before me and I send you a beer by mail.

All i want is a full 4-5 BTC worth in all my coins and then I can just sit and wait it out and hopefully live on the interest one day

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Hey @chekohler, here is a little bit of BEER from @minimining for you. Enjoy it!

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