Still Number 1 on StateOfTheDapps game category - Splinterlands

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What it do Splinterlandians! Long time no see riiiight!?!?! I know.......I remember those days that if I’m woken from a sleep and asked for an article detailing what is and how to play Splinterlands, I would be done with it under an hour, these days, I dare not.

Between that time and now, Splinterlands has grown so massively that even I am lost, maybe not lost lost, but you get what I mean, I think the biggest change has been the “Land” implementation, which I’ve sat out the entire time, don’t gimme that look, I sit out plenty things with valid reasons, like you don’t sit out things too🙄...

.....well, basically I had other commitments that I got hooked on.

I made a comment on someone’s post yesterday, the writer was referring to how gen x will use this technology, blockchain, my response was that they will use it in a way that we never imagined, not in the foundational hit and miss models we have now, but in innovative ways that make the foundations we’ve built for years blurr into the background,..,

......... the best gift any developer can give their project these days is the ability for the product to be expansive, flexible, when this is done then it will be easy for the product to evolve and adapt pragmatically to industry standards and needs.....

...,., this has been demonstrated by Splinterlands through their achievements over time,


Splinterlands has also managed to maintain top position in the State of the Dapps gaming category for over 1year now if not 2 with over 7,000 daily active users. Hmmn, it signals something must be right, could it be the underlining infrastructure? Hive community? Good business model? Or the combination of them all?


Market cap also keeps going in a steady upward momentum, whatever Splinterlands is high on, I want some of it too, don't you?! Anyway, I'm pleased to watch this game grow to new heights everyday, even though I don't play as much anymore, trust I'll be bringing back the chaos when I'm over this break.

Battle till you drop!

Thanks for reading.


Heheehh..Forgotten friend the writer

My boooooo😘😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰😛😛😝😘😘😘😘😘😝

crypto gaming is something else and honestly there nothing more fun than playing and earning

You see my ideal types of games will be those type of Call of Duty and co, but on blockchain, with that, then I can play the rest of my life away...nothing as sweet as it bro

Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd