The Splinterlands "Collection Power" Upgrade Hit Me Hard, But I Like it! Here's Why....

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Hello Splinterlandians,

Happy new month and how are you enjoying the latest Splinterlands update, Collection Power? Wheeww, its a big one isn't it?

It has the capacity to make massive impact on the direction of the entire game, I've spent a lot of time looking around to have a feel of what other players think and I can say that most aren't taking it well, who will blame them? Change can be a very difficult subject, especially when its one like this.

So I finished the last season at Champion III, the next level just seemed unreachable, I guess it was due to the implementation of the first phase of the Collection power thingy.

It wasn't so bad until the game got upgraded and the second phase of the collection power came in to play, and similar to some of you, I got relegated to Gold 2 and due to the collection power of my deck, I apparently got stuck there! It's funnyyyy!Who could have thunk?!


Normally with my present rating, I should be on Diamond III, but the collection power has limited me from reaching it.

So if I can't increase my collection power, am I supposed to stop playing? Because my cards sure as hell can't compete in tournaments. What an upgrade Splinterlands. If this is how other players feel, then I'm no longer sure where Splinterlands is headed.

On the other hand, I could just keep battling and earning DEC on each win while waiting till season's ends. The only way I see a light at the end of this tunnel is if the daily and seasons rewards hold some value other than potions upon potions that can only be used when opening bought packs, I mean, if the aim of this upgrade is to give the cards value, then the loot chests have to contain some valuable stuff as well, otherwise there wont be much incentive for low level players to battle and the game will become a total pay2play type of stuff.

From this angle I understand where disgruntled players are coming from.

From the business perspective, it doesn't make a lot of sense for an investor to buy valuable cards from the market only for the value to keep dropping, because players who got them for free have little reason to hold them long term and as a result dump them on the market crashing the price, in response to this, Collection power comes in perfectly to fix this loop hole.

The way I see it, when more players have reasons to grow the value of their deck, more cards will retain their value and the game of scarcity can then begin to truly come alive!

On the surface it looks like this upgrade is going to drastically hinder the growth of Splinterlands, to debunk that thought, I will say Splinterlands has used this means to kill two birds with one stone,

firstly, Bot farming will be cut short, and secondly, players can begin to see growth in value of their over all deck due to the law of demand and supply.

So while this might slow down the rate of Splinterlands growth over the next few months, the fact that value attracts value will be what will keep Splinterlands and its players running.

Growing one's deck of cards has ultimately become part of the game as should have been, while people might prefer to grow through the use of skill, I guess the monetary involvement cannot be exempted to drive a sustainable economy. In the end it will likely be a win win.

It will be interesting to watch how it will all play out,....this is my stance concerning the the latest upgrade...I will love to have your opinion....

And that's it for the weeks rant folks, if you'd like to join me in having this awesome gaming experience on Splinterlands, here's my referral link, I will walk you step by step in the noobiest way possible.

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If you're game, I'm always up for a challenge. Hit me up and get your ass whooped.

Battle till you drop!!!! See ya.


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Good that you can see the benefit of the Collection Power Phase 2 upgrade. But why don't you mention Phase 3 in your post, which is the most important upgrade of this entire series of changes. League Leaderborads with their seperate rewards where top players in a lower league will earn more than low players in a higher league.

Thank you for mentioning that. I didn't understand it at first, so I didnt want to put out information I'm unsure about, plus its yet to be implemented, so I was waiting for that.

But with your summary, it does sound like fun and something every player should be looking forward to.

I find it interesting now that you mention it, if top players from Silver league earn more than low players from Gold league, does that mean I'm better off being a top player from a lower league?😲😲😲😲

Because a friend delegated few cards to me that has pushed me into Diamond league and I've been getting seriously beaten...damn!

We'll see how it goes

I don't know exactly how it play out in the end and what will be more profitable. We will find out in a month from now. But I trust that the developers will come up with a system that will have the best interest of the game at heart. This was always the case so far and the main reason I put so much time and money into Splinterlands.

These are my thought's too...thanks for sharing your opinion...


Lol for a noob like me I keep battling and winning but still stuck on Silver league 2, I guess this post explains it 🤣

Lol...I'm glad the post could shed some light on the grey areas. I'm sure with your participation in the Splinterlands weekly challenge posts, you will be able to accumulate some funds to up your deck gradually...

I wish you best of luck in the quests this season.

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Thanks guys....

Glad I held off my investment for a bit, I've got a fair amount of power and could benefit with more but going from champion down to maximum diamond has been challenging for my rewards. Hopefully we can figure out what's coming to offset some of those challenges now like league leader rewards that I heard discussed a bit.

but going from champion down to maximum diamond has been challenging for my rewards.

Same here, well most of the rewards for me have been potions and Dec and very few times cards...

I'm also looking forward to the league leader rewards,..can I be a league leader though lol, will have to see how it is going to be implemented

@tipu curate

I agree with the prices of cards but that has a lot to do with supply and demand. There are cards that simply do not drop in value and if they do it is because seller is not aware how valuable they are. Play the buying/selling part long enough you will see which cards hold up a lot of value and can even make small profits from resale. Low bcx alpha and beta summoners under $1 each is a good example.

Good luck continuing your quest in Splinterlands!

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Thanks a lot mawit

Yes you are right, the problem before was that a player could have a deck of 20cards and keep using those cards to get up to Champion level, without ever having to increase their deck.

There was no incentive/reason to grow ones deck.... now with the collection power, a player knows the value of the deck is as important as going up in levels as well. I think this brings a lot of balance to the games economy.

Cheers and goodluck to you too

I agree with your thoughts. On all the things, probably also on life. 🤣
Anywho- yeah, I totally get it, change is hard and dumb and confusing... but then pretty much always ends up being pretty awesome. But I fight it too. ;)

I do think the ultimate goal here (as it's always been) is success and longevity for everyone. But 'everyone' is just a pipe dream, so we do what we can.

I'm excited to see how it all evens out in the next month or so.
Thanks for staying on the journey with us.
Great article ... er weekly rant. Always appreciate the feedback. :)

Always love to have your replies @carrieallen. Thanks for coming by!