$1,000 For An NFT - Check Out The Legendary Gold Foil Dark Ha'On - Splinterlands

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I'll be selling my Gold Foil Legendary Dark Ha'on card for $1000 due to its rarity and unique abilities, but I'm not even ready yet! I only recently discovered that it has moved up in ranks and now sits among the most expensive cards in Splinterlands Untamed version market-where it should have been, I guess I'm not the only one who recognizes its uniqueness, although it is presently priced at $85. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an in-depth analysis about the Legendary Dark Ha'on and compared it with the other legendary gold foiled cards within its rank as at that time, it was obvious that they were no match for it even though they were more pricey.

Today I'm going to do another analysis and compare the Dark Ha'on with the cards in its new rank based on their abilities, note that these are top ranked and most expensive cards from the Untamed set so discover and enjoy, maybe pick one or two for yourself along the way.

Yodin Zaku(Level 2)

  • 47 in circulation
  • 7 currently on sale
  • Summoner
  • Increases the ranged attack of friendly ranged monsters by 1
  • Increases the health of friendly monsters by 1
  • All friendly monsters receive the blast ability at the start of the battle
  • Current Price $230

Named after a famous Splinterlands player Zaku, the Yodin Zaku is a summoner with interesting abilities, it stands off from the Dark Ha'on as it doesn't exactly fight in battle, so its hardly comparable. In terms of scarcity though, it has only 47 in circulation in contrast to the Dark Ha'on with 64 in circulation, hence its priced as such.

Lir Deepsweeper(Level 2)

  • 32 in circulation
  • 7 currently on sale
  • Summoner
  • All friendly monster receive 2 shields
  • All friendly monster receive "return fire" ability
  • All enemy monster receive blinded effect at the start of battle
  • Current price $133

This is also a summoner so it is somewhat incomparable to the Dark Ha'on, but its awesome abilities sure speaks for its price and it is even more scarce than the Yodin Zaku with only 32 pieces in circulation.

Magnor(Level 2)

  • 66 in circulation
  • 8 currently on sale
  • 4 damage points
  • 13 health points
  • 10 mana
  • Ability to taunt(all enemy monster targets it) and enrage increasing its melee damage point by 1
  • Current price $118(Formerly $44)

Dark Ha'on can evade enemy attacks with its FLY ability and also capable of increasing its own health when other monsters die, plus Taunt with 13 health and 2 shield! The Magnor is no match for it but is somehow more expensive than the DH....surprised?

Dragon Jumper(Level 2)

  • 77 in circulation
  • 6 currently on sale
  • 7 mana with 4 damage points
  • 6 health
  • Abilities - Fly, Snare, Opportunity
  • Currently worth $68.90

The Dragon Jumper is fairly equipped with interesting abilities, it has a lower mana of 7 compared to the DH, its "opportunity" ability makes it quite useful in battle due to the 4 damage points it has. But it lacks health with having only 6 and no shield, it does not heal or regenerate health, it is not as scarce compared to the DH and it is not obviously not as pricey as the DH

With this concise analysis, I guess it is obvious that the Legendary Gold foil Dark Ha'On is the most lethal of all the cards in the Splinterlands Untamed version, according to its position on the table, only 3 cards beat it in price of which 2 are summoners and 1 is highly over priced(Magnor), when we compare the effect of both the Magnor and the DH in battle, the DH has an upper hand because it has the ability to rejuvenate in health unlike the Magnor which is a very important ability. Although the Magnor also has a badass ability that makes it enrage, thereby increasing its damage points to 5. It's a tight comparism.

In conclusion, I think more people will agree to the fact that the Dark Ha'on is more likely to be in demand which will directly impact its price in the market, I think the Dark Ha'on is very under priced at the moment and it won't last long before other gamers realize it, for card speculators out there, the gold foil Dark Ha'on is also a good hold as it is super useful in battle and has the potential to appreciate in value over time due to its rarity.

What say you?

If you will like to view the Dark Ha'on in action, this video will give you a glimpse into what the card is capable of. Watch and enjoy!

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Battle till you drop!!!! See ya.


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Gold Foils are indeed the real priced ones. I have pulled two Camillas so far. Thanks for sharing.

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Camilla's are hot too. When you pull a gold foil and its also a legendary, thats Splinterlands way of saying Jackpot

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Nothing better than a legendary turning gold. Except it is a mystery potion drop turning gold. ;-)

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Shiny, powerful and unique, those cards are so cool for battle and make you gain more DEC.